Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY: Preppy Binder Covers

Hey Everyone!  Are you ready to take those boring binders and make them the envy of all of your friends!  Lets get started! (Below I will post a picture of some of the ones I made)

The great thing about these binder covers if that you can personalize them however you want!  And make them according to your own style!  

Step 1.  
Go to google and search for things like (or use the ones I have listed below)
- Lilly Pulitzer Patterns
- Lee Jofa Patterns
- Preppy Patterns/Backgrounds
- Vineyard Vines Patterns
- Floral Patterns
- Pink Argyle Patterns
- etc.

Step 2.  
Open up Word or Pages (I used Pages)
- Make sure you have a blank page
- Insert the first pattern you want to use
- Open up The Inspector
- Go to the tab Wrap
- Make sure that your photo is NOT creating a Wrap
- Adjust your first photo to whatever size you want the pattern to be and place the first on in the left corner

* Repeat this so that it looks like a continuing pattern all over the entire paper (even the middle)
* You might occasionally leave some blank in the middle if you have problems with your patterns (but you will later cover it with a box)

Step 3. 
Your page should be completely filled with your pattern.  
- On the top there should be a button that says Shapes
- Click a square 
- Make the square white (or another corresponding color if you want)  make sure to also make the border white (or another color for a thin border effect)
- Stretch out the white box so that it is a rectangle stretched across your page 

Step 4. 
Now you should have a pattern on the paper and a completely white box
- Go to Shapes again and get another square 
- Make the square whatever color you want the border to be
- Stretch out the rectangle so that it is somewhat thin and put it along the bottom of your white box
- Repeat this for the top border piece

Step 5. 
Make sure you have your pattern down, your white box, and your border on the box
- Type in your subject and then pick a cool font and whatever size you want ( I think the bigger size looks better) put it in a corresponding color 

Print it out and enjoy!  It looks great with corresponding colored binders.  
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Below you will find all of the patterns that I used PLUS a few more that I like :)
* please note that I do not have the rights or take credit for any of the following photographs. 


 *Here are the ones I made and I take full rights to them


  1. This is such a great idea :) x

  2. i dont hsve pages on my computer. but i have wordpad and it is not letting me put in the title for my cover. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO

  3. print it out and write it your self